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Solar electric boat with croc cam, lets you get closer to nature, crocodiles on most tours, all wildlife, Daintree rainforest creeks, eco friendly.

Cape Tribulation road near Daintree car ferry, Daintree, Queensland 4873

Daintree River wildlife Cruise on a quiet, clean solar electric boat. Get closer to nature-hear, smell & experience without noise & fumes. For camouflaged wildlife, we zoom in with "Croc Cam". 99% success rate spotting crocodiles, excellent bird watching opportunities and other wildlife possibilities such as snakes, frogs and fish. Tours depart 400m from Daintree Car Ferry on Cape Tribulation Rd. This is true Eco Tourism.
(pic above)
The relationship between flying foxes and non-indigenous Australians has been a short but volatile one, provoking extreme responses. They have a reputation as disease ridden, urban pests and are often the center of bitter human-wildlife conflict. Much of the claims that F.F population's are exploding in plague proportions are simply not true. Studies have shown the Spectacled flying fox population has had a strong decline in the last 10 yrs. As the region where this species resides becomes increasingly urbanised and habitat clearing continues the already heated wildlife -human conflict becomes inflamed , understanding these magnificent creatures is necessary. Females don't usually breed until 3yrs old after a gestation period of 6 months she gives birth to only 1 pup a year. They are not capable of breeding rapidly to produce a population explosion. They enjoy each others company and hang out in large groups called camps. This photo was taken 2 days ago interesting to note the same camp has juveniles which can fly and still some very young as pictured here. Super smart, super cute, super social and we are super lucky to have them .Spectacled flying fox.

Pairing up for a teddy bear spread in an extra special photo shoot. Capturing all the beauty in a winning combo. Little Red flying fox and Spectacled flying. Little red decked put in coffee bean brown lycra and simply glowing in the afternoon light and Spectacled flying fox in traditional charcoal black lycra with tuscan gold highlights , gold scarf and matching baby clutch.
Little red is the smallest of the flying foxes and the biggest range and Spectacled flying fox with smallest distribution. Both species are extremely important for the forests and lungs of our country. Lately they are sharing the same camp just near the river in the wetlands. Martin arranged this photo shoot even though it's not on the river he pulled some strings, he's got contacts

An injured bat which we are trying to rescue

Making brown look good, burnt umber mixed with caramel syrup with a mahogany glow, nut brown and cinnamon intoxicating eyes, glowy and gorgeous . A double portrait of teddy bears of the sky featuring the classic teddy bear brown style, set against pale blue background. Soaking up the golden rays. Little red flying foxes the most widespread of the flying foxes have moved camp again, they seem very restless at the moment flying around in the daylight. Once again just up from the river.

Once again rocking that sky runway this lycra clad lady shows some serious wing. Flying out in the classic warm charcoal, figure hugging suit, capturing the sunlight , highlighting her elegant fingers, wearing her favourite butterscotch gold scarf. Ultra slick , shapely profile with body hugging baby .Spectacular Spectacled flying fox.

Looking ravishing as this flying teddy bear does some amazing acrobatic airwalk manouvers. Flashing a lot of wing, decked out in her favourite sleek, charcoal ,lycra body suit. Rocking the runway of the sky with athletic style and grace as she owns this space. Wearing a butterscotch, gold scarf across her neck to add a little colour. Spectacled flying fox .

Can't get too much of these lycra wearing teddy bears of the sky. Melting me with those big dreamy chocolate coloured eyes. Watching the watchers. Spectacled flying fox.

The saying 'the heart that feels the eyes reflect ' is suitable here. Smooth creamy chocolate eyes of this teddy bear of the sky looking innocently at the camera watching me watching her. Wearing the essential tight black lycra wrap around. Juvenile spectacular Spectacled flying fox adorable , Kambi to the local people up here . The babies are growing though I did see a mum flying with tiny bub still.

Interesting perspective from the lycra clad teddy bears of the sky, doing a cool fly by. Spectacular Spectacled flying fox with bub, or Kambi in the local language . The order Chiroptera literally means hand wing and you can see that here. The wing membrane is an extension of skin made up of two layers which contain blood vessels stretched out over elongated fingers . The world's only flying mammal, long lived, super intelligent, highly social, stunningly beautiful and a necessary part of the ecosystem. What's not to like.

All wrapped up in their Lyra raincoats set against a grey sky, prepared for the wet. bet. The water proof wing membrane which is both flexible and tough is made up of two layers. They are covered in tiny hairs with sensory receptors at the base of those hairs. These hairs are being studied to lead to an aircraft design to reduce turbulence. The world's only flying mammal pretty cool. Spectacular Spectacled flying fox teddy bears of the sky. Very soggy day here for those without raincoats.

You know the saying, 'the eyes are the window to the soul ' well look into these liquid chocolate eyes of these teddy bears of the sky, how can you not see beauty and intelligence ? Time and time again paparazzi tell me they are in plague numbers, no different than mice and rats. Well they are not rodents for one thing and in 2 weeks mice and their offspring can potentially produce 500 mice. Flying foxes have one baby a year that's it, no more, they simply can't reach a plague their slow rate of reproduction doesn't allow for it. Super smart, super stunning, super spectacular, Spectacled flying fox . Note, These guys are camping down from the river you can't see them from the boat.

For those who think it's cute wearing a lycra suit, another Spectacular Spectacled flying fox fly by. Catching the afternoon sun in his wings. Of course all pre arranged by the magnificent Martin director and setting design extraordinaire.

And for those Lycra loving teddy bears of the sky, a Spectacular Spectacled flying fox fly by. Living in the swamp down from the river. Wrapped up in their raincoat wings of late enjoying the wet. .you bet.

And later that same day, moments later after being deep in conversation and nearly kissing an argument broke out! Words were said....I tried to find out the goss. They didn't even notice me, Martin will not be happy with arguments on the show.

Traffic control required again, these guys have moved back not on the river but about 200 m away, so if you stay around till dusk you get a wonderful sight. These two nearly collided. Spectacled flying fox, amazing social, intelligent ,creatures what's not to love about these lycra wearing teddy bears of the sky.

Another blast from the past when my friends were camped on the river. Can't have too much of a good thing. A three legged bat? A baby wrapped up in this lycra suit can only just see the leg. Spectacled flying fox, have a wonderful weekend this side of the world. See what Martin's up to today had some refreshing rain last night so the stars will be cool.

OK we will start our Tuesday (this side of the world ) with another throw back from Mum and bub series, Spectacled flying fox with pup having a big stretch, can't get enough of them . Martin did a most wonderful job with the setting and lighting here, he's an amazing director.
We had some glorious summer rain last night frogs were singing up a wonderful chorus. Let's see what Martin's up to today.

A rare family in flight photo, this was tricky to get them all in the frame. Martin likes challenges, this was taken not recently but when they were camping on the river. We had some very refreshing rain last night which we all welcomed.

A sleepy content gaze from a baby, happy to hug mum. Look at all those mags around that supermarket checkout as soon as a star has a baby the paparazzi are on it. They are all stars on this show so there can't be too much of a good thing. Another mum and bub shot Spectacled flying fox . The single baby will nurse off mum for over 5 months.

There can't be too much of a good thing. Told you I got carried away when these guys were around. Trying to will them back to the river so far no luck. Spectacled flying fox with pup. Cute, adorable the Stork factor who doesn't love a baby cleberity. Mum watching me and baby too busy having a feed.

Speaking of beautiful wings here's a Spectacled flying fox showing Martin he too has the beauty of an angel.

Remember I said that the flying foxes had moved in 50m from the river , well they have moved again but not before I snapped some photos. Can't get too much mum and bub photos so here's some exclusive pics of the first close ups of mum with her bundle of joy. Sorry Martin , I know this wasn't on your set but they have been on set before and hopefully they will come back.

How's this for showing off, absolutely beautiful wing shape, little pup just visible. Spectacled flying fox arms stretched tight in her lycra suit on a mission for rainforest fruit.
Hot here today the A stars are hiding only couple of starlets and Eric the cannibal. Something stinking in stinky creek so hopefully someone comes for a feed.

Nothing like catching a Hollywood celebrity wearing lycra, glossies mags love em. We have our own lycra loving lineup up here on the Daintree. Now that they have moved in down the road its late lone cruises for this paparazzi. Pictured here ' showing some skin ' . MAMILS middle, age,mem,in, lycra, suit well this celebrity shows men can can look good in lycra. Spectacled flying fox.

So my friends have moved back, not visible from the river but about 200 m away in a swamp next to the river and if I take myself for a late cruise I get to watch the fly out This guy was eager and headed out early, Spectacled flying fox. No doubt this has all been arranged by Martin.

Another from the Spectacled flying fox mum and bub series . Every night across Australia flying foxes are headed out to forage for fruit and nectar flying up to 50 km's. Flying foxes have been identified as keystone species as they are long range pollinators and seed disperses . Rainforests are called the lungs of the planet well in 2007 a court ruled that the loss of Spectacled flying foxes would put the entire wettropics ecosystem at risk (our northern lungs). Babies are born fully formed with eyes open and shortly after birth mum gently moves her bub single so that it can latch on to her nipple. For about the first 4 weeks baby remains with mum 24 hours a day hanging on tightly as mum flies out at night as pictured below.

Throw back Thursday this side of the world where did the week go? Talk about striking a pose, as you know famous people want to be seen in perfect light, angle, frame in a photo shopped filtered world of perfection. Well those on the Days of the Daintree are also posers, competing with each other for that paparazzi snap. Well this flyingfox posed in natural filtered light looking cover ready and everyday real in a sizzling summer spread bathed in golden light . Watching the watchers with all confidence and class of a true star. These guys only rarely bless us with their presence on this show, but when they do they always make an impression.

Every now and again Martin organises some of the stars to pose for a promotional paparazzi photo shoot. Exclusive pics here of a family photo dad, mum and bub Spectacled flying fox on the Days of the Daintree.

Here's another from the Spectacled flying fox with pup series. Bats are of the order Chiroptera, literally meaning hand winged. In this photo you can clearly see the elongated fingers. The most distinctive feature of bats are their wings and these extra dextrous darlings of the sky are the only mammal capable of true flight so it's no wonder! In 1770, Kambi which was the traditional name of thisflyingfox (Eastern kulku yalanji language) according to Australia's first people, was described by the first Europeans as the the devil itself, said to be crawling on the ground. Its seems this legacy given then has continued in much of Australia. This super intelligent, flying teddy bear with puppy like features and complex social system, essential to our ecosystem could not be described by these first Europeans more inacurately.

Spectacled flying fox, so named because of its prominent blond coloured eye rings. It's breeding season right now for these magnificent creatures, after a gestation period of about 6 months a single pup is born during October, November. As soon as the pup is born it suckles from its mum. The milk teeth curve backwards to help the young remain attached. The pup clings to its mums nipple with feet firmly locked onto her fur. The babies are nursed for over 5 months and when they are too heavy for her to carry they are placed in nursery trees. The mum flies out to feed each night and on returning early morning recognises her young by its voice. There was a breeding colony on the river last year where they made camp. These photos are from then. I was taking photos of these guys as they moved from tree to tree frightened by a sea eagle.

Our first Blossom bat for a while, the cooler weather is bringing out different wildlife

Wow is it Monday already on this side of the world , so much happened last week, we had the Chargrined King and Margaret doing her thing, a blossom bat, a phython looking fat, a spectacled flying fox watching me and a laughing snake in a tree. Lizzie looking cute and Fred's new suit and a stunning photo shoot, Gump looking like a Daintree speed hump a cool photo of a frog and a hatchling on a log. Snap that's a wrap. Also two amazing poems sent in by a follower Chas thanks for that, don't forget anyone can post anything to this page. So as you all have seen the paparazzi are not always the only ones doing the watching, here's a little red flying fox watching the watchers.

Coming in at 5cm long and weighing all of 15 grams it doesn't get much cutier than this. Blossom bat pointed snout and brush tongue all the equipment needed to have a flower feast. Paparazzi snapped these pictures yesterday simply stunning I was smitten. Happy Sunday this side of the world it's been a busy week.

OK here's another wing shot of a Little Red flying fox, someone asked me once what's special about bats ? What's not ! The world's only mammal that can pull off powered flight, long lived, stunningly beautiful, super intelligent, complex social structure and without bats there would be no rainforest. Perhaps the most distinctive feature are their wings, they are of the order Chiroptera which literally means hand wing. The wing membrane is an extension of skin made up of two layers it's both flexible and tough. The wings are loaded with ultra sensors, tiny hairs that help these guys manouver like aerobatic ninjas. Here's another lucky shot. Happy Friday to those on this side of the world

Pictured here a view from underneath a little red flying fox leaving camp early the other night lured by the delicious sweet scent of the Melaleucas in flower. The most widespread of our mega bats in Australia though like much of our wildlife vulnerable to habitat loss. Beautiful out here today, Lizzie, Dusty,Gump and Eric, Sly was back true to his name ducking away when Scarface was cruising by . Martin's mum , Fred's mates soon to be wearing his fresh skin ,another sunbird in a nest and a hatchling up a tree all made an appearance today.


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BATS. Megabats, Flying-foxes, Fruit bats and Microbats: Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile & Wildlife Cruises, FB Bat post
Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile & Wildlife Cruises, FB Bat post
BATS. Megabats, Flying-foxes, Fruit bats and Microbats
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